Utilizing your athletic success to develop prosperous business ventures.

SAC is cognizant of the risks inherent in professional sports; where one injury can result in an abrupt end to a lifetime of work. Accordingly, we encourage and counsel our athletes to develop multi-faceted revenue streams. Our goal is to ensure that our clients have something in the business world that is both financially rewarding and keeps them passionate and active, especially when they no longer are on the court.

Exploring business opportunities is important for a multitude of reasons. These efforts establish professional athletes as role models off the court. Further, these ventures serve to make the eventual transition to civilian life an even more fulfilling experience.

The best time to implement these efforts is during one’s professional career, when name recognition and investment money is at its peak. SAC respects and recognizes the time and energy that goes into a professional sports career. For this reason, we are available to assist our athletes in establishing and launching these businesses, foundations and non-profits. In addition, we have access to resources / partnerships, financial experts and more to help ensure that our client’s ventures achieve greatness.

SAC also is committed to helping our athletes even after they have transitioned from professional sports into that next stage of their lives. We work with our clients individually on new opportunities, while encouraging groups of professional athletes to work together in their pursuit of additional business ventures. All of these revenue opportunities enable our professional athletes to be more prepared for the inevitable end of their professional playing days.


Ensuring your investments are sound and legitimate; your taxes are on-time and correct; and your financial future is safe and secure.

It is challenging to know who to trust in the world of finance. Compounding this issue, athletes are no different than any other college graduates in that their college courses have not trained them adequately in such critical areas as budgeting, the tax code or long term financial planning. As a result, all-too-many athletes make disastrous financial decisions predicated on limited, misguided and oftentimes-misleading information. Resultantly, over 60% of all NBA players find themselves broke within five (5) years of their careers coming to an end.

At SAC we are committed to ensuring that such a scenario never befalls one of our clients. Our Financial Division is run by smart and talented individuals, whose sole focus is ensuring our client’s long-term financial success. In addition, we have access to the best financial planners and tax professionals in their respective fields; as well as accounting experts and other top support personnel for our clients and their corresponding businesses / foundations / investments.

SAC does not manage client investments portfolios; nor does it influence clients to invest money in any opportunity in which our firm or its principals have a vested interest. Such conflicts of interest are antithetical to the values and underlying principals of our Company. 

Instead, SAC’s Financial Team will review the multitude of outside investments with which our athletes are inundated. Further, we will assist our clients in gauging the legitimacy of a potential investment and / or achieving a better understanding of the investments in which they previously have pursued. Our one and only objective is to assist our clients in the implementation and creation of those investments, businesses or other ventures that best meet their respective interests and objectives. 

In summary, whether it involves budgets, taxes or business investments, SAC provides our clients either direct or outside consultation on all things financial. Our athletes’ earnings should last throughout their lifetime … and potentially beyond. Our work is dedicated to ensuring that our athletes achieve this objective.


Finding new opportunities as you transition from your playing career.

Once your playing career ends, you will be presented with additional and exciting opportunities. Some athletes remain in sports, while others pursue new adventures. As you start to explore these opportunities, your SAC family will be there to offer guidance and counsel.

SAC’s Finance Team will continue to offer input as you explore the varying business proposals that will arise. Our professionals will be available to assist you in setting up and planning these business ventures; advising on financial management, tax compliance and corporate structure. SAC’s primary objective is to assist you in securing powerful post-career opportunities that are tailored to your interests and passions.

In order to maximize these new opportunities, SAC also will continue to assist you in keeping your professional image alive and well. From identifying speaking engagements to new sponsorship opportunities, we will provide support as you transition into this next stage of your life. Our Sports Marketing Specialists will help manage your social media (brand development, website design, expansion of social media channels) in ways that allow you to continue to command an audience and remain an influencer of public opinion; maintaining your hard-earned public voice.

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